Download the newest Arrogant Empire Tape its a certified classic Snob.

1. The Snobz vol II intro
2. Jean Snob Van Damme (Produced by Pot)
3. The Happening (Produced by Coastyn)
4. Hi I'm High (Produced by Coastyn)
5. '72 Dolphins (Produced by Pot)
6. Michael Corleone Initals (Produced by Pot)
7. R. Kelly (Produced by Pot)
8. DayDreamer(Produced by Coastyn)
9. Finishing Move(Skit)
10. Speakers (Produced by Pot)
11. 1 Care (Produced by Coastyn)
12. AE World
13. Eww (Produced by Coastyn)
14. Posainda (skit)
15. Scumbag Remix (Produced by Pot)
16. Champagne On A Bitch (Produced by Pot)
17. Uh On (Produced by Pot)
18. Cold World (Produced by Pot)
19. Good Morning (Produced by Coastyn)
20. Toast to the A.E. (Produced by Pot)

Ladies I just want to get an idea about just how much sex you guys are actually having... You can answer this anonymously just be HONEST, I'm taking a survey here, please include your age.
Arrogant Empire artist Asi Frio just dropped his first mixtape off his Daily Bread campaign called "Mel Gibson" hosted by DJ Lil Raskal. Now unless you live under a rock then you know this nigga has been recording a song a day for the past 26 days, he plans on doing this for an entire year. "Mel Gibson" is a compilation of the first 2 weeks of songs and this shit is gangster as fuck. Download this shit asap. And if you want to catch up on any of the past Daily Bread tracks and all the new ones check out his website

Footage from Hi, Im High video shoot

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Check my dance moves at the end of the video

Rav. P Visions Freestyle

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Check out for Rav P's album "Unemployment Check" dropping July 20th Follow him on twitter at @theRealRavp


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This is my favorite image on the internet right now. Every time I see it I bust out laughing. What was Drake thinking shaving off his eyebrows like that?

Guy Raps over beat made with pencilz

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Thought this was pretty cool and he killed the beat. The lyrics were wack though
Behind the scenes with Asi Frio and myself reviewing some tracks. Shout out to my nigga Freddie Mac for coming through. Peep my dance moves

Perfection....Should the word Exist?
It seems so flawless but can make you pissed.
Any other time I probably would defer,
But that was at a time before I met her.....

You kno the girl that you crave so bad that you breathe her,
And your heart jumps out ya chest everytime that you speak her,
and when you see her,
you just wanna freak her,
And you hold her so tight cuz you dont wanna leave her....

The woman that makes you speechless so you don't say a word,
so fine makes Hailey Berry look like Whoopi Goldberg.
Yes!!!!!When shes that damn Fine,
When she walk in the room ya ass jus starts cryin..
I gave her everything including the things that I bought,
and She loved me..................At least thats what I thought.

The way she gaze at me and she looks me in my eyes,
puts her arms around my neck,while I slide my hands from her hips to thighs.
She gave me a lil smirk and said,"I love you boo",
And I licked my lips and said," I love you too.."
The way she bit her lips I could tell she was getting wet,
And I started to melt as she rubbed the back of my Neck.
Yes..When God made her, he gave me a hell of a favor,
We made love constantly, we used to wake up the neighbors!!
Life was grand, I was going through a loop,
That is untill the day............When I discovered the truth...

It was a hot night in August, and I had jus got a promotion,
I decided to celebrate to put things in motion.
I wanted to bring my girl out for a night on the town,
So I took her out to dinner and drinks at Mr.Chows(Chinese Restaurant)

So we got into the car and made our way to the place,
I could tell something was wrong by the look up on her face.
I asked"Are you ok sweetie, is everything ok?"
She said,"Im jus a lil hungry, everything's alright Bay..."
So we got to the place I couldnt wait to start eating,
But then I notice the waiter ask my girl did she want the usual seating????
I said to myself," has she been here before?"
She did give him strange look when when we came through the door.
But I jus shook my head and paid it no mind,
and thought hurry up its dinner time.

So we quickly sat down, and put the coat behind our chairs,
and I called the waiter over,he looked as if he was scared.
The look on my girls mug,she thought the place was lame,
But i was'nt paying attention so I ordered some Champaine.
Finally after awhile we got into the meal,
I had the duck, and she had the veal.
Now that I ate food, and I was full..highly,
I cracked open the bottle........It was time to get BODIED!!!!!
So I poured it in the glasses and we raised them up above,
And I toasted to My promotion, and to the woman whom I love.......

And the next thing I did I tell you kno Fables,
I drank so much Champaine, I fell asleep at the table.
After a lil while I woke up with my pupils dialated,
But thats because I was still intoxicated.
But even though I was drunk,and I thought I was sweating because of the heat,
I notice that my girl.....Wasn't sitting in her seat.
She probably went to the bathroom, or went out for a smoke,
So I went to the bathroom to pee, she be there when I get bac...I hope.

So I ran to the restroom, but before I touched the knob,
I heard something coming from the ladiesroom, sounded like someone starting to sob.
The noise got louder, the person started to yelp.
It start gettin to a point when I though the person would cry for help!
The longer I waited the toilet seemed farther,
I was bout go use it, until I heard a familar voice moan and say,"Baby do it harder!"

My hands started to shake, and I couldnt keep them steady,
my face was real sweaty and I started breathing Heavy.
Its some bullshit thats what I was hoping,
So I stayed quiet and Cracked the door open....

My girl was on the sink with her legs to the sky,
The waiter trusting into her, while griping her thighs,
She gazed in to his eyes,
Just like she did mine.
I thought this terrible.... she crossed the line.
She grabbed his arms and bit her lower lip,
and said out loud,"I love your dick!"

I stood in the door way with my Feet sunk into the rug,
My heart broke and a tear came down my mug.
I did everything for her, I woulda sold my soul,
My sadness turned to anger thats when my heart turned cold.
My conscience told me to ease up,
But I got even more angry and then I rolled my sleeves up..
With the Bloodshot look in my eyes and all the liquor in me,
if you look a lil closer, you could see the grim reaper in me.

But I had to be smart so I gave it some though,
So I got away from the door, so I would'nt get caught.
After they were done I heard him say "hurry up!"
She said,"Go ahead Imma fix myself up."
He came out the door, and I hid by the electric socket,
I ran in behind him, shut and locked the door!!

A very loud BOOM!! came from me shutting the door,
I was drunk as fuck, the liquor coming thru my pours...
She looked at me and I looked at her,
no one could anticipate the event that would occur.

So I grabbed her by the neck she couldnt even speak,
I flashed back at all the love making we did in between the Sheet.
I started to squeeze, and i didnt stop to ease,
and then she stopped moving.......kinda like somebody told her to freeze.

Than I noticed..exactly what id done,
I had took a life of a women who I thought was my sun.
I looked at her body as it lay there on the floor,
and then I gazed sadly at the door.

So I took out my pocket knife that I keep handy,
Still sweaty and shit I ate a piece of Candy.
I laid down next to my Girl And I held her hand tight,
Than squeezed on the knife with all of my might.

I said,"I'll see you in hell, my love, you are my high."
The I thrusted the knife in my neck, and I closed my eyes....................



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I thought this pic of Kelis was hot but why are her titties different sizes? O_o

We just got done shooting our first music video for the single "Hi Im High" and alls I can say is it was EPIC!!! We had video director Puma come down from NY and he shot us for 24 hours straight! We went through about 3 gallons of Bacardi and like 4 or 5 blunts. I was BENT!!! I think everyone in the group passed out at least twice lol. My nigga P didnt make it though, he was slumped for the last 12 hours of the shoot hahahaha!!! Wait till this shit hits the streets!!!!

Last weekend my nigga Giovanni Jettson sat in on one of our sessions and snapped some pictures. Just another night at the Empire.

I met him down Adam's Morgan in DC. He was tall, caramel skinned, with mid back length dreads… dreads. I'm a real sucker for nice looking dreads. Me and my homegirl were walking to the jumbo pizza place when he walked past me. I glanced up, saw him then had to turn around and do a double take because he looked too damn good. He also turned around and caught me staring. He looked me dead in my eyes and smiled. It was a done deal from there.

Fast forward to 4 weeks later
He's on top of me with his shirt off, kissing on my neck. He lifts my shirt up, pulls my titties out my bra then starts sucking on them for a while. Afterwards, he slowly moves down, kissing my stomach all the way down to my belly button. He gets to my jeans and looks up at with a smirk before undoing them and pulling them down. He slowly slides them all the way off. I'm left in my thong. He spreads my legs and begins to kiss my inner thighs, getting close to my cat but then going back down. He's teasing me. He keeps doing this until my legs start to shake with anticipation. He finally moves all the way up, uses one hand to slid my panties aside, and gets to work. He starts off with long slow licks up and down, sensual type licks. He slowly increases the speed and intensity of his licking.Then he started doing some type of magic tricks with his tongue. I don't know what it was that he was doing but it just felt SO GOOD. My pussy was getting so wet that it sounded like his tongue was swimming. It was so good that my eyes started tearing up. I'm moaning heavy. Then he stops and sucks on my clit as he slides two fingers in (NOTE TO MEN: Just like you want women to use their hands, you need to use yours too!) So he's sucking while using his fingers to explore the pussy. I'm loving it. Soon I feel my self about to cum. With my back arched up all high, I half moan/half yell that I'm about to cum and grab his head. Just as I do that he pulls his fingers out and sucks on my pussy just in time for me cum in his mouth. He licks all around my pussy before getting up and laying next to me. With my legs shaking I take a minute to regain my senses. Then I get up.

My turn! And I love sucking dick. As soon as I pull down his jeans his dick springs up. He's already rock hard. It was very big, especially thick. I don't tease, I get right to business. I start off by licking the underside, right were the balls and shaft meet, before moving down to his balls. I alternate on sucking each one. Then I slow lick all the way up his shaft, stop at the frenulum and slowly massage it with my tongue before sliding his whole dick in my mouth. It was very thick so I had to suck at an angle so my teeth wouldn't hit it. I go ALL the way down, my lack of a gag reflex really came in handy. I start off fast then alternate between fast and slow. I massage his balls as I suck. Every few moments I'd stop and lick all around the shaft, suck his nuts a little bit then move back up and start sucking again. It doesn't take long before I feel his dick getting tense, I know he's almost "there". So I switch up to my suck and beat technique.

(I'm going to let ya'll in one of my secrets, this really helps if a dick is too long: get the dick extra wet, then grab it tightly with your hand and beat it a little bit. Afterwards start sucking again with your hand still clenching the dick. Now make sure that your hand is right up to your lips, kind of like your kissing your hand, and beat and suck at the same time with your mouth and hand NEVER separating from each other. Guys go CRAZY over that! Just make sure you apply firm pressure with your hand.)

So I start doing that and dude is loving it. I'm sucking and beating fast. He puts his hand on my head and slows down my pace. Some ladies hate when a dude puts his hand on their head but I love it. it lets me know what pace he wants me to go at. So he guiding my head up and down at a slow but steady pace. Soon, his dick gets ROCK hard, I already know whats coming. He pushes my head all the way down and lets out a loud moan, before shooting his load in the back of my throw. He lets go of my head, but I continue to suck very slowly just to make sure I get all the skeet out. And of course I swallowed....

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I'm tired of all these people who cheat with ratchet ass bitches. Now don't get it twisted, this is for women too. A ratchet ass bitch can be a male or female. Now everyone knows what a ratchet ass bitch is, right? Ok. What you do not want to do is take the chance of ruining a perfectly good relationship by messing with one. If you're going to cheat there are 3 rules every one should go by. 3. They should have more money than the person that you're with. Money doesn't mean everything but it sure makes a whole lot of shit better. 2. They should look better than the person that you're with. No explanation necessary. The last and most important rule is 1. They should be better in bed than the person that you're with. Because let's face it- isn't that why you're cheating in the first place. I mean c'mon, there's nothing like cheating with someone that knows how to eat the pussy or suck a mean dick! Now if you can find someone who meets all the aforementioned rules then you should dump the person you're with and get with the person that you're cheating with. If not, it should be at least 2 outta 3. Again 2 outta 3. Now I don't condone cheating, if my man cheats he might as well grab his ankles and kiss his ass goodbye, cause it's over. But if he is going to cheat, it makes me feel better as I'm beating the shit out that hoe that he at least has some standards.

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Ok this actually happened to me before only I was with a girl but Im curious to know how you all would handle the situation. So lets say that your out at the disco and you meet the man of your dreams. Im talking about this nigga is PERFECT. You two exchange numbers and talk until the sun comes up about baby names and wedding dresses and all that gay ass stuff women talk about. You agree to go out on a date. This nigga picks you up in a brand new sports car and takes you out for chinese. He makes you laugh cry and feel sexy all at once. After dinner is over you go back to his place and its baaaaallllliiinnnnnn!!!!!! You sit by the fire place and sip wine while talking about politics and your favorite sexual position. By now your turned on and when he leans over and kisses your neck your panties get soaked. He raises your shirt and starts massaging your breasts when your stomach starts to bubble and you let out silent but deadly fart. "Oh god" you think to yourself "maybe chinese wasn't the best meal for a first date." You excuse yourself and ask where the bathroom is while squeezing your ass cheeks together running full speed as he's giving you directions. When you finally reach your destination you sit down just in time as an avalanche of SHIT cascades its way out your smelly rectum. At this point your feeling super embarrassed, not only did you fart in front of prince charming but now your on his toilet taking a huge poop. "How did I end up here?" You think between pushes "I hope he doesn't get turned off, I really wanted to fuck this dude." You reach for the toilet paper and realize there is none in sight.... When you flush, the poop is so big that it won't go down and the toilet starts to overflow. So now your standing in an inch of toilet bowl water with a shitty ass and no toilet paper or reasonable substitute in sight! WHAT DO YOU DO???????? Fellas you can flip this scenario around and put yourself in the situation. What would my niggas do?

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Im kind of upset as to what happened to me this past weekend. But before I get into all that I got something to say. I'm getting real tired of women deceiving men with your weaves and make up and fake nails and padded underwear and bras. Its kinda hard to tell whose real and whose fake. Women have NO right to give their opinion about anything until you all be real with yourselves and stop faking. When I meet a girl in the club I kind of treat it like math class. Lets say I meet a girl and she is a solid 9. I minus .5 for weave -1 for make up -.25 for fake nails -.5 for a push up bra. Fake hand bags get a 2 point deduction but we won't use that variable for this equation. That same chick that was a 9 in the club drops down to 6.75. I carry a calculator when I party and before I take someone home I do my numbers. This is very important because I DO NOT want any surprises in the morning. This is a strong calculation that is accurate to within .00001. Its a quick way to determine what a chick looks like fresh out the shower before all the additives. Im not bashing women, I LOVE yall soo much. Shout out to the natural beauties out there that don't need all that extra stuff but its a treat when you use it. Im not talking about you dread head chicks though, walking around with dirty hair looking like Bob Marly's nephew and shit. Dreads on women are a #Fail. Anyway back to the topic of this blog... BIG BELTS.

This past weekend I had a little gathering at the Arrogant Empire headquarters and there was some nice looking ladies up in the spot. One particular girl caught my eye, her name was Samantha. Me and Samantha hit it off early. She was fine man, body shaped like an hour glass, boobies up to her chin, ass looking crazy, pretty eyes, she had it goin ON! As the night came to an end and the drinks stopped flowing I convinced Samantha to stay the night with me. First mistake, I didn't have my calculator handy and my beer goggles were on deck. Second mistake, well I wouldn't call it a mistake, lets just say I was ignorant to the fact as to what a belt can do for the female body. Any way, I walk her upstairs into my room and tell her take a seat on my water bed ;-) I scrolled through my ipod and pressed play on DMX first cd to set the mood. When it comes to sex Im the kinky type, so I told her "Yo strip for me real sexy like yo." She stood up and unbuttoned her top 3 buttons and to my surprise.....Her titties didn't pop out. "Strange" I thought. She starts winding real slow looking at me in my eyes and when "Get at me dog" came on she really went for it. As she unhooked her big ass belt something weird happened. This bitch literally busted at the seems. Her love handles unfolded and her titties dropped down to her toes. Her previously flat stomach morphed into a beer gut. I kindly asked her to leave and had a conversation with my roommates about the fuck shit that just happened.
Big Belts are the basic bitches lipo suction. #nevertrust a fine women in a big belt. Bitches walking around with these wwf belts looking like world champs and shit. I fell for it once but never again. This teqnique has been used since the old days with the invention of the corset. Its a cheap option for broke women that still wanna look good without going under the knife. Fellas pay attention to this Im puttin yall up on some game right now. I know all my female readers are mad that Im leaking your secrets to the public but fuck it, this is what Im here for. To spit the truth and nothing but the truth so help me god.

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Add 1 ounce Gin 1 ounce Rum 1 ounce tequila 1 ounce vodka 1 once of triple sec to a tall glass served over ice with a splash of coke for color. This drink was hand crafted by the devil himself. It is pure EVIL. Long Island ice tea is the new date rape drug. Avoid at all costs. You ever wonder why these drinks are soo cheap? Well fat bitches and bartenders have a secret alliance dating back to the early days with the invention of alcohol. Big girls main goal in the bar is to leave with somebody, 9 times out of 10 most dudes avoid the fat broads but add in a frosty treat such as this Long Island and things seem to go in their favor. Its like Long Islands have the power to turn a big bitch into Hale Berry. I have found myself in many questionable predicaments fucking with this shit. Last time I had a long island I woke up naked in a sleezy hotel with a fucking whale snoring her ass off on the bed in MY SHIRT! I mean come on man my shirt though? What am I supposed to do with it now? I cant wear that shit! Your big ass stretched that shit out now it looks like a parachute. New Years Eve, me and the fellas decided to go run a muck downtown at the clubs. This particular evening I had gotten off work late so when niggas picked me up I was the only sober one. Only losers party sober and Im a boss so when we got there I ordered two double shots of 151 just so I could catch up. After about 5 minutes I realized that I was still sober. Now if you know anything about drinking it can take up to an hour for the alcohol to fully absorb into the body before you feel its effects. So as you can see Im headed in the direction of an EPIC FAIL. So I hit the bar again, this time I ordered two long islands. I killed one in literally 3 seconds and as Im sipping the other one surprisingly I end up in the middle of a big ass circle of people screaming "Go Pot!! Go Pot!!" as Im getting jiggy with a fat broad. LMAO when did this happen? How did I get there? I don't even dance! Fuck it, I put it on her big ass, I looked like dancing with the stars up in that bitch. I headed to the bar and ordered two more.... This is where I blacked out and Im gonna have to tell the story from what my friends said happened. So apparently after I drank those drinks I hopped behind the bar and started pouring shots for people and drinking out the bottles. My friends said I was back there for a good 10 minutes before anyone asked me to leave. Madness! Security escorted me back to the dance floor. I took my shirt off hopped on stage and started doing the robot, I jumped into the crowd and crowd surfed until they dropped me on the floor near the bathroom. Niggas said I went behind the bar AGAIN and started passing out free beers!!!! Lol... Security asked me to leave so I left the club alone. Some how I ended up in 711 with my dick out pissing on the twinkies. I get tackled by 4 police officers mid piss and beat up with night sticks. All I remember is my home boy screaming in the background "Yo!!! Let him put his cock away!!! Let him put his cock away!" So now Im in the back of a police car with no pants headed to jail all because of Long Island Iced Tea. I did a lot of thinking that 2 days I sat in the cell. Fuck Long Island Iced Tea's and Fuck Long Island!

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